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Kebby’s Sugar Free Ice Cream by Karen & Eric Berg

Kebby’s Sugar Free Ice Cream by Karen & Eric Berg

What if someone told you to eat ice cream at least four times a week for fat burning and weight loss! You’d say “no way!” Right?  But it’s true! And sugar free ice cream can be just the answer. Having a sweet treat at the end of at least one meal a day can keep you satisfied, happy, and firmly in fat burning mode as well.

My Kebby’s Low Carb, Sugar-Free Ice Cream is a true ketogenic food. With only 8 net carbs in the chocolate flavored ice cream and only 9 net carbs in the vanilla, you can have some ice cream every day while still enjoying plenty of nutrient-dense vegetables, without going over your daily carb allotment of 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrate!

Kebby’s ice cream is a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate keto dessert that is made with coconut oil, whey protein, monk fruit extract, xylitol, and other natural ingredients. And it tastes absolutely dreamy.

I’ve learned over decades of study in weight loss science, that deprivation is the enemy of weight loss. I specialize in how to balance hormones in order to make weight loss possible, and one thing I know for certain, is that the reason most diets don’t work is because they create a condition of stress in the body. Stress spikes all your fat storing hormones. Dieting is stress!

Dieting signals your body that deprivation and famine are endangering your survival as a human being. This “famine” triggers a fight or flight response that causes fat to be stored around the middle to protect all the most vulnerable organs.

This is why the ketogenic diet works so well. By eating high, healthy fats, good for your eyes, heart, bones, muscles, hormones, and metabolism—not to mention, fat is highly satiating to the system—you signal your body that all its needs for survival are being met – and met quite well. You trigger all your feel-good hormones—not your stress hormones. Making weight loss not only possible—but activating fat burning hormones like growth hormone. When you go to sleep satisfied instead of hungry, you’ll burn fat, not store it.

Can Sugar-Free Ice Cream Help With Weight Loss?

This is why studies are finding that people who eat a dessert four times a week, lose on the average 9 more pounds than those following traditional low-calorie diets in the same length of time.

So, yes, eat your ice cream and lose weight with low carb desserts like Kebby’s Frozen Dessert! I developed this just for you, my clients so that you can lose your weight and eat delicious sweet treats too!

I love the taste of real, sugar-containing ice cream, but I no longer want to put sugar into my body. I know that my followers don’t want to either. But have you tried the sugar-free ice creams out there? Most of them aren’t worth the eat—really. So, I spent a year perfecting my ice cream until it tastes even better than conventional ice cream. It’s cold, creamy, and delicious!

Kebby’s keto friendly, sugar-free ice cream gives you a delicious treat to have at the end of the meal that keeps you so satisfied and happy, you’ll be able to go longer between meals, meaning more fat burning for you! Plus, you’ll feel so full and satisfied after you eat it, you’ll never be tempted to slip on sugary, refined carbohydrate foods. It’s truly a food that will enhance all your weight loss efforts!