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Kebby’s Sugar Free Desserts by Karen & Eric Berg

Kebby’s Sugar Free Desserts by Karen & Eric Berg

Remember Tab? Too many people do. That’s what they think of when they think of sugar-free desserts —this bitter aftertaste that was the product of dangerous sweeteners like saccharine. But today, we have healthier sweeteners –ones that don’t spike insulin and taste clean and yummy, better than sugar even.

Take xylitol, for example. Xylitol, we are learning, destroys all kinds of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth and body—staph bacteria! This is why it’s so good for the teeth and gums. It also reverses insulin resistance. It’s a sweetener that’s actually GOOD FOR THE BLOOD SUGAR! Now, how fantastic is that?

That’s why I put xylitol in my sugar-free desserts, like my Kebby’s Sugar-Free Ice Cream and in many of the desserts I collected in my new ebook, Ketogenic Desserts & Yummies.

Sugar-free doesn’t mean it’s not sweet, it just means safely sweet and great for staying in ketosis, meaning you get to enjoy a yummy sweet treat and STILL  LOSE WEIGHT.

If you join my Keto and Intermittent Fasting Program, you get more sweet and yummy recipes than anyone else, because there are literally hundreds of delicious recipes locked in that site—along with step by step videos showing you how to make sugar free desserts that taste great, and instructional videos that tell you in simple, clear terms how to make keto friendly breads, rolls, and muffins, and all kinds of delicious meals that promote fat burning and ketosis.

With my Keto and IF Program, you also learn how to stick to the macro ratios of the ketogenic diet by creating meals that are rich in fat, contain a moderate amount of protein, and are low in carbs, so you can stay in full-blown ketosis and melt all the fat off the body.

The Best Sugar-Free Desserts

If you’d like to taste the popular new sugar-free dessert my wife and I created, Kebby’s Sugar-Free Frozen Dessert, you can have that delivered fresh, creamy, and cold to your front door right now!  Everyone on the internet loves it. They claim it rivals certain “expensive” and sugar-packed brands that sell at all the popular grocery chains.

Sugar-free treats are revolutionizing weight loss today. The reason is that we are learning that feeling full and satisfied actually promotes weight loss. Starvation diets only spike stress hormones that cause the body to pack fat around the middle to protect our most vulnerable organs.

This is the real beauty of the ketogenic diet. It promotes health and happiness. Health and satiety. Health and weight loss, happiness, anti-aging, and better sleep!

There are all kinds of sugar-free desserts like that taste as good as or better than ones that contain sugar. Try my Chocolate Chai Mousse or my “World’s Best Tasting Cookies” and you’ll be a believer in how great a treat can taste without ANY sugar at all.  But don’t just take my word for it.

Go to my Kebby’s Sugar-Free Desserts Page at my store and read all the wonderful reviews I’m getting. Kebby’s is just one illustration of the old adage hard work equals great results, because I spent over a year of constant efforts and experimentation to finally invent a sugar-free ice cream that tastes better than ice cream with sugar.