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Kebby’s Paleo Desserts by Karen & Eric Berg

Paleo desserts and a ketogenic diet are the keys to happy, healthy weight loss. When you’re not feeling deprived, you’re 1,000 times more likely to stick with a diet without slips and to go longer without eating when doing intermittent fasting. When you’re not feeling deprived or starving, you look better, feel more energetic, sleep better, have a more positive outlook, and simply enjoy your life more.

I’ve just really come to embrace paleo desserts in the past few years. For me, I can go longer when fasting when I know I can have treats at a meal. It also ups my satisfaction at meals and helps me sleep deeper and better, which means more fat burning.

Plus, all those “happy neurotransmitters” like dopamine and serotonin get really happy when you give them something sweet with a meal. And as long as you have your treat at the end of one of your two meals when doing intermittent fasting and stay within your carbohydrate limits for the ketogenic diet (20 to 50 grams of carbohydrate), you’ll stay in fat burning mode and lose weight daily.

I know it’s hard to feel like you’re dieting without that punishing sense of deprivation you’re used enduring with every diet you’ve tried so far—but believe me, you’ll get used to losing weight while being supremely happy very fast!

I’ve learned that my clients are 100 times more likely to stick with a program if they don’t feel they are “giving up” anything. Who wants to give up anything, even if you are getting the reward of weight loss?

Very few people! We’d all rather be able to have the foods we love and still lose weight, right?

So, why not make that possible? The more I worked on experimenting with different healthy sweeteners and keto-friendly ingredients, the more I learned that with just a little effort and research, you can create no-sugar, naturally sweetened treats that are just as good as sugary ones! And you can stay in ketogenesis by simply tracking your daily net carb intake!

Paleo Desserts To Fall In Love WIth

So I’ve spent a lot of time putting together some great paleo desserts, low carb treats, and delicious recipes to help you keep ketogenic dieting easy, exciting, and delicious, too!  Too many people think that ketogenic eating is all about eating meat, butter, and coconut oil only. This is completely wrong, wrong, wrong.

My wife Karen and I enjoy some kind of sweet treat with supper daily. Whether it’s a low carb peanut butter and chocolate fat bomb, a keto dessert like chocolate brownies, or my Kebby’s Low Carb Ice Cream, we always treat ourselves to something sweet and yummy at the end of our very satisfying ketogenic meals.

Looking for more information on great Paleo desserts? Just pick up my ebook Ketogenic Desserts and Yummies or sign up for a membership in my Keto and Intermittent Fasting Membership Program, and you’ll discover hundreds of recipes for sweet treats with as few as 1 to 3 net carbs—leaving you plenty of carbs to enjoy every day in nutrient-dense vegetables!