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Kebby's Low Carb Desserts Created by Karen & Eric Berg_

Kebby’s Low Carb Desserts by Karen & Eric Berg

Kebby’s Low Carb Desserts is just one of the many tools Dr. Eric Berg has designed to help people to achieve weight loss without hunger and deprivation and to suppress fat storing hormones that cause weight gain. With less than one gram of sugar and healthy sweeteners like xylitol, Kebby’s Frozen Dessert gives ketogenic eaters a sweet treat to look forward to at the end of the meal that’s packed with potassium and healthy, fat-rich whey protein powder, which helps suppress fat storing hormones like insulin.

Dr. Berg’s Keto and Intermittent Fasting Program offers a wide array of tools that help people achieve massive weight loss. Some happy individuals have lost as much as 400 pounds in less than a year and a half using Berg’s program—without getting the kind of sagging skin that low-calorie, muscle-wasting diets cause.

Dr. Berg’s program features all kinds of tools that help individuals to achieve weight loss accomplishments without hunger, deprivation, or missing out on favorite foods.

Low Carb Desserts of Dr Berg_

Low Carb Desserts

Low Carb Desserts: Dr. Berg’s program is packed with recipes for a wide variety of low carb desserts. From the World’s Best Tasting Cookies, to Low Carb Brownies, Low Carb Chocolate Mousse, Low Carb Vanilla Chia Mousse, and a wide array of cakes, muffins, frozen desserts, and other “bites” and treats, Dr. Berg’s desserts give you meal ideas for hundreds of sweets concoctions to look forward to at every meal.

Keto Desserts of Dr Berg

Keto Desserts

Keto Desserts: Dr. Berg has strategized hundreds of keto-friendly dessert recipes that his followers can enjoy while staying in full-on ketosis. By using sweeteners that don’t spike insulin, combined with high healthy fat and moderate fatty protein sources, Dr. Berg has created treats that help curb hunger and promote satiety for long stretches of time, keeping you in fat burning mode—not deprivation mode. You never feel hungry on Dr. Berg’s Keto and IF Plan!

Sugar-Free Desserts of Dr Berg

Sugar-Free Desserts

Sugar-Free Desserts: Sugar is the enemy of health in every way. Today, scientists have found that sugar directly causes cancer cells to grow and metastasize, causes plaquing in the brain and arteries, and, of course, causes insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes. Dr. Berg’s treats use sweeteners like healthy, plaque fighting, bone and tooth-strengthening xylitol to sweeten recipes, allowing you to enjoy sweet desserts that actually boost health rather than destroy it.

Low Carb Ice Cream of Dr Berg

Low Carb Ice Cream

Low Carb Ice Cream: Dr. Berg’s low carb ice cream recipes and Kebby’s Frozen Dessert (now available for purchase online) are just some of the many frozen, low carb, no sugar desserts you can enjoy on his diet plan. Kebby’s Low Carb Ice Cream, for example, combines high healthy fat with non-insulin spiking sweeteners like xylitol and monk fruit extract to help you lose weight and burn fat all day!

Paleo Desserts of Dr Berg_

Paleo Desserts

Paleo Desserts: Paleo, like the ketogenic diet, focuses on eating a low carbohydrate, fat-rich, moderate protein, and whole foods diet. If you are following a paleo program, you’ll enjoy the no sugar paleo desserts featured in Dr. Berg’s plan!

Sugar Free Ice Cream of Dr Berg

Sugar Free Ice Cream

Sugar-Free Ice Cream: If you love ice cream, Dr. Berg’s no sugar ice cream recipes and Kebby’s Low Carb Desserts are some of the healthiest no-sugar treats on the planet. Kebby’s Ice Cream is the brainchild of over a year of design, research, and experimentation, as Dr. Berg experimented with a wide array of creamy protein sources and non-insulin spiking sweeteners to create the perfect low carbohydrate dessert.

Kebby’s Low Carb Desserts is available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. It is rich in protein, calcium, fiber, and potassium, yet contains less that 8 to 9 net carbs per serving. Kebby’s Low Carb Desserts is becoming the favorite low carb, no sugar ice cream of everyone because of its rich, creamy texture and delicious flavor.