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Kebby’s Low Carb Ice Cream by Karen & Eric Berg

Kebby’s Low Carb Ice Cream by Karen & Eric Berg

Low carb ice cream! How good could it possibly be? What makes the best low carb ice cream? Well, think of your favorite vanilla ice cream and times the flavor times ten. If you’ve ever had organic ice cream, you’ll know that organic, natural ingredients make for better tasting ice cream (in fact, organic ingredients make everything taste better, don’t they?)

So, imagine how good really healthy ice cream without refined carbohydrates, cancer-causing food colorings, and unhealthy refined, processed sugars will taste. It’s that good.

Ice cream in itself is a treat that spikes all your feel-good hormones, giving you feelings of joy, safety, comfort, and happiness. Low carb ice cream helps you activate your fat storing hormones, suppress stress hormones, and stay in fat burning mode. How? Well, stress spikes cortisol—and cortisol is a fat storing hormone. Dieting and deprivation are stress. Satiety is the opposite of it. So, ice cream = weight loss.

So, dieting is a completely backward way of losing weight, when it comes down to it. In fact, recent studies conducted by the University of Alabama found that women who ate dessert four times a week lost twice as much weight as a low-calorie control group who was deprived of dessert.

There are all kinds of studies going on right now into the science of satiety and how it promotes weight loss, anti-aging, and better sleep!

So ice cream, being the supreme example of a pleasure food, is a great way to lose weight, as long as you keep it keto and stay within your daily allotted carbs.

Perfecting The Best Low Carb Ice Cream

My wife Karen and I spent more than a year designing Kebby’s Low Carb, Sugar-Free Ice Cream. We experimented with different flavorings, keto friendly sweeteners, fats, and oils, and completely scrapped formula after formula. We started over at point A again more times than I can count. But finally, we found the perfect keto ice cream and it was well worth the effort.

Kebby’s ice cream is made with organic coconut oil, cavity- fighting, bone strengthening, insulin resistance-reversing xylitol, monk fruit extract, and organic whey protein. It’s rich in protein, fat, and contains less than 9 net carbs. It’s also rich in calcium and potassium. So it’s a bone-strengthening food that can help you avoid diabetes and to reverse the condition of insulin resistance, helping you suppress insulin, your major fat storing hormone, more effectively. This means, major fat burning for you. Kebby’s Ice Cream is a win-win for all kinds of reasons!

Kebby’s Low Carb Ice Cream comes in two delicious flavors, vanilla and chocolate, that are delivered ice cold and ready to eat, right to your front door. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. People say the flavor is amazing and that the texture rivals that of the most expensive ice creams sold in stores today.

Kebby’s Low Carb Ice Cream is not only a great food for the ketogenic diet but for everyone who wants to enjoy a cold, creamy delicious treat that tastes great while helping you avoid conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, insulin resistance, and obesity.