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Kebby’s Low Carb Desserts by Karen & Eric Berg

So, what’s for (low carb dessert?) The question should be – what are not good low carb desserts?

Virtually any dessert can be turned into a delicious keto version of the sugary one. Love brownies? Use keto friendly sweeteners like xylitol or erythritol (which is great for baking and tastes exactly like sugar, btw), swap out refined flours for healthy organic almond flour and you’ve designed your own low carb dessert that will help you stay in ketosis, burn fat, and still have room for lots of nutrient dense low glycemic vegetables.

Love ice cream? Make your own keto low carb ice cream or try my keto friendly Kebby’s Low Carb Frozen Dessert!

Low carb desserts are poised to be the next big thing in weight loss folks. This is all due to a whole new bunch of studies that are being published right now, proving what I’ve said all along—that stress hormones like cortisol – block weight loss and you have to fix these hormones and get the body healthy so weight loss can happen.

The Science Behind Low Carb Desserts

What scientists are discovering is that satiety promotes weight loss. Because feeling full and happy banishes stress — people lose weight more quickly and spend more time in deep fat-burning delta wave sleep, allowing them to wake up thinner, happier human beings. In fact, one study out of the University of Alabama found that women who ate dessert four days a week lost almost twice the weight of control group non-dessert eating low-calorie dieters.

This is because dieting = starvation, and starvation is stress to the body—which spikes cortisol, one major fat storing hormone. Combine that with spiking insulin by following a traditional low calorie but carbohydrate-rich diet, and you’ve got stress and activation of your MAJOR fat-storing hormone—INSULIN. This is how dieting can actually cause weight gain and why so many people are getting diabetes today, even though they are living lives of quiet deprivation!

Low carb desserts give you something fun and delicious to look forward to at the end of the meal. They also boost satiety and fullness, helping you go longer without food while feeling full, happy, and energized. Because low carb desserts are also rich in fat, they really fill the stomach, making you feel satisfied—not deprived!

Low carb desserts give you a happy edge in weight loss that boosts all kinds of healthy neurotransmitters that boost mood and help you sleep better, like dopamine and serotonin. So they’re a win-win for fat burning, weight loss, and improving sleep!

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