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Kebby’s Keto Desserts by Karen & Eric Berg

Kebby’s Keto Desserts by Karen & Eric Berg

Keto Desserts are revolutionizing weight loss and the world of eating. Today, we know that sugar is the enemy of mental and physical health in every way. Sugar is now being blamed for cancer, autism, ADHD, diabetes, insulin resistance, tooth decay, gingivitis, obesity, eating disorders, heart disease, plaquing of the arteries, depression, acne, rosacea, bipolar disorder and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, which are consequences of a lifetime of sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption causing accumulated plaquing in the brain. In fact, sugar causing plaques to develop everywhere in your body—and on your teeth.

But why eat even think about eating sugar if today, there are healthy sweeteners that rival the taste of sugar but are actually good for you, like xylitol, erythritol, and stevia?

What I’ve learned after years working on my own keto dessert recipes is that keto versions of sugary desserts like brownies, ice cream, puddings, popsicles, mousses, sorbet, cakes, pies—all of it—even birthday cake, not only help you to lose weight – they taste even more delicious than the sugary versions. Keto desserts give you that sense of satisfaction that comes from eating something sweet, but without that plummet in mood and blood sugar that follows the consumption of sugar.

The Best Sugar Free Desserts

Keto Desserts make weight loss delicious. I have developed hundreds of keto desserts you can learn about in my new ebook Ketogenic Desserts & Yummies. Or, you can sign up for a membership in my Keto and Intermittent Fasting, and gain access to hundreds of videos and recipes to delicious keto desserts and meals that will help you to eat like a king while you melt all the fat off of your body.

What we are learning in scientific study after scientific study today is that a person who feels satisfied and full all day actually loses weight faster than a person who feels starved and deprived. That’s because dieting causes major stress to the system, just as being lost in the desert without food or water would activate your fight or flight system to power you through that difficult time without food. Your body slows the metabolism and starts feeding off nutrient-rich muscle every time you starve the body, to keep you alive. This is why low-calorie dieters lose nothing but muscle and water. The body holds onto fat to protect all your vital organs, in case you are being pursued by an enemy. In fact, as long as you are eating carbohydrate and dieting, you’ll eventually end up with a body made of bone and fat.

Fat attracts more fat and this is why you end up regaining all that weight. You’ve starved all the calorie-burning muscle off the body and the fat cells are just sitting there waiting to transform every single calorie you consume into more fat!

I know you’ve come to associate a growling stomach with weight loss. But really – hunger just means eventual weight re-gain. Weight loss really happens when you suppress fat storing hormones like the stress hormone cortisol—and that’s only going to happen when you’re “un-stressed” a.k.a full and happy. Keto desserts can help spike satiety and suppress those fat-storing hormones blocking you from your weight loss goals!