Sugar Free Desserts: Preservative-Free Keto Cream Cheese Frosting

Sugar-free desserts are great but sometimes, you might want to create frosted treats—especially if these are for parties or kids! Keto desserts and Paleo desserts such as brownies and cakes are certainly tasty enough on their own but when they are topped with a cream cheese frosting, there’s an extra special touch for [...]

Double Chocolate Keto Desserts with Filling

If you’re trying to think up ideas for an upcoming holiday meal for a special someone and need a dessert, making a Double Chocolate Keto Pie could be your solution. First of all, most everyone loves chocolate. Of all the sugar-free desserts there are keto desserts, this one is one of my favorites. [...]

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Keto Desserts: Macadamia Almond Brazil Peanut Brittle

Making nut brittle doesn’t have to be restricted to peanut brittle. You can use other nuts for these tasty sugar free desserts, like pecans. When you’re making keto desserts and Paleo desserts, then what’s important is that they contain primarily fat and protein and are low in carbs. This is true for sugar [...]

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What To Know About Sugar Substitutes for Paleo Desserts and Keto Desserts, Part 2

In Part 1, you learned that it’s possible to use erythritol and stevia as non-nutritive sweeteners for your sugar free desserts including sugar free ice cream. Of course, these two sugar substitutes are suitable for any keto/Paleo diet and thus even more suitable for Paleo desserts and keto desserts, which are pretty similar. [...]

What are the Glycemic Indexes of The Sugar Substitutes for Keto Desserts?

You probably know a little bit about the glycemic index (GI) if you’re on a keto diet or if you’ve been researching keto desserts, Paleo desserts, sugar free desserts, sugar free ice cream and low carb ice cream. The Glycemic index is a scale that tells you how much blood sugar rise you [...]

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Dr. Berg’s Favorite Keto Bomb Dessert Recipes

Along with low carb ice cream and paleo desserts, keto bomb dessert recipes are a great tool for intermittent fasting and for helping to keep you in ketosis and running on fat instead of sugar. Because they are so flavorful, delicious, and high in fat, they keep you satisfied for hours and hours. [...]

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Keto Bomb Dessert Recipes: Sesame Tahini Herb Balls

If you love tahini it’s really great as an ingredient in keto bomb dessert recipes. Tahini has its own distinct flavor. Maca adds a nutty flavor to the tahini. But think of the possibilities here… what if you decreased inflammation by adding a touch of turmeric? Or how about a bit of blood [...]

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Sugar Free Keto Desserts for Healthier, Happier, High-Performance Kids

Kids don’t need sugar be happy. They especially don’t need sugar to be healthy. In fact, helping your child grown up without dependence upon tooth-destroying, health harming non sugar free desserts (not Paleo desserts, non keto desserts, non sugar free ice cream desserts, non low carb ice cream desserts) can help them avoid [...]

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Keto Desserts: Instant Energy No Bake Dark Chocolate Munchie Balls

Let’s say you just found out your in-laws or close friends who you haven’t seen for eons just called and are on their way over. You want to be the perfect host and offer them sugar free desserts that of course have to be keto desserts or Paleo desserts. The last thing you [...]

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Keto Desserts: Ginger Soft Middle Keto Cookies

Everyone needs ginger cookies in their recipe collection for sugar free desserts and Paleo desserts/keto desserts. That’s because of their beneficial effects in the body from the ginger. Ginger cookies are always good with sugar free ice cream or low carb ice cream. Ginger Prevents Cancer Did you know that ginger contains substances [...]

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