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Why You Need Sugar Free Desserts for Breakfast

Have you ever heard of sugar-free desserts for breakfast? Breakfast dessert is a treat at the end of your first meal of the day that sets you up for a day of eating strategically. The way it works is you add a dessert to the end of your first meal of the day, [...]

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What To Know About Sugar Substitutes for Paleo Desserts and Keto Desserts, Part 2

In Part 1, you learned that it’s possible to use erythritol and stevia as non-nutritive sweeteners for your sugar free desserts including sugar free ice cream. Of course, these two sugar substitutes are suitable for any keto/Paleo diet and thus even more suitable for Paleo desserts and keto desserts, which are pretty similar. [...]

What To Know About Sugar Substitutes for Paleo Desserts and Keto Desserts, Part 1?

No matter what type of diet you’re eating, desserts have special meaning. They just make us feel complete and like we’ve been treated like a king or queen to get something extra. That’s why you should spend a little bit of extra time learning about the types of sugar substitutes that are used [...]

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What are the Glycemic Indexes of The Sugar Substitutes for Keto Desserts?

You probably know a little bit about the glycemic index (GI) if you’re on a keto diet or if you’ve been researching keto desserts, Paleo desserts, sugar free desserts, sugar free ice cream and low carb ice cream. The Glycemic index is a scale that tells you how much blood sugar rise you [...]

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The Benefits of Xylitol in Low Carb Desserts

Did you know that there are some sugar free sweeteners that are actually good for you? These are the sweeteners that make low carb desserts possible. In fact, xylitol is a sweetener which is being discovered to have massive health benefits, especially for promoting mouth and dental health. However, it has also been [...]

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Low Carb Desserts & Southern Dessert Favorites the Sugar Free Way

I love southern food. So I’ve spent some time developing perfect imitations of my favorite Southern dishes and desserts. So I’ve spent some time on the best paleo desserts (keto desserts) and low carb desserts to develop southern versions that taste just like their sugar-containing partners. I think they taste better than sugary [...]

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Puddings and Mousses: Creamy, Delicious Sugar Free Desserts

Yum! I love a good mousse or pudding. So I made sure to put all my favorite recipes for vanilla, chocolate, and chia chocolate puddings. These are a surprisingly filling way to end a meal. Sugar-free desserts like mousses and puddings give you something to look forward to and can help keep you [...]

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How Low Carb Desserts Can Help You Drop Major Pounds

I love low carb desserts – the ones that are keto desserts and Paleo desserts, as well as sugar-free ice cream, that is low carb ice cream. But I also became a big advocate of sweet fat bombs when I discovered intermittent fasting. I was primarily a two meal a day eater. I [...]

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Dr. Berg’s Favorite Keto Bomb Dessert Recipes

Along with low carb ice cream and paleo desserts, keto bomb dessert recipes are a great tool for intermittent fasting and for helping to keep you in ketosis and running on fat instead of sugar. Because they are so flavorful, delicious, and high in fat, they keep you satisfied for hours and hours. [...]

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Sugar Free Ice Cream Recipes: Sugar Free Coconut Nut Ice Cream

What are the benefits of following sugar-free ice cream recipes? Well to start out, there’s no sugar hangover that happens a few hours after eating it. And since it’s in the category of Paleo desserts/keto desserts, and it’s a low carb treat that yields major brain clarity—the kind you hear about with bulletproof [...]

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