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Sugar Free Desserts: Preservative-Free Keto Cream Cheese Frosting

Sugar-free desserts are great but sometimes, you might want to create frosted treats—especially if these are for parties or kids! Keto desserts and Paleo desserts such as brownies and cakes are certainly tasty enough on their own but when they are topped with a cream cheese frosting, there’s an extra special touch for [...]

Double Chocolate Keto Desserts with Filling

If you’re trying to think up ideas for an upcoming holiday meal for a special someone and need a dessert, making a Double Chocolate Keto Pie could be your solution. First of all, most everyone loves chocolate. Of all the sugar-free desserts there are keto desserts, this one is one of my favorites. [...]

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Sugar Free Desserts: Salted Chocolate Chip Nut Butter Cookies

What I see often is that some of the most stressed outpatients are the ones who stay away from salt. They eat the ketogenic diet that contains keto desserts and all these are sugar-free desserts and that’s good. It’s a good start. They love sugar free ice cream – and who wouldn’t since [...]

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Keto Desserts: Macadamia Almond Brazil Peanut Brittle

Making nut brittle doesn’t have to be restricted to peanut brittle. You can use other nuts for these tasty sugar free desserts, like pecans. When you’re making keto desserts and Paleo desserts, then what’s important is that they contain primarily fat and protein and are low in carbs. This is true for sugar [...]

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Low Carb Desserts: Almond Peanut Brittle

You can’t overlook peanut brittle when you’re thinking about the low carb desserts (keto desserts and Paleo desserts) you’re going to incorporate into your diet. Peanut brittle is always something you can add to the top of any sugar free ice cream (any low carb ice cream), as it gives the ice cream [...]

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Paleo desserts: Coconut Flour Soft Ginger Cookies

I love finding out about the latest research on spices – and ginger is quite amazing. The more I find out about it, the more I want to include it in my Paleo desserts recipes (keto desserts), which are always sugar free desserts made with healthy sweeteners like xylitol. And I notice a [...]

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Low Carb Paleo Dessert Recipes: Coconut Flour Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you read through the ingredients of this recipe, you might be a bit surprised that one of the ingredients is beef gelatin. It’s in a few of my other low carb paleo dessert recipes, along with keto bomb dessert recipes. Sometimes I even add it to my sugar free ice cream recipe, [...]

Paleo Desserts: Cinnamony Coconut Soft Cookies

How good is cinnamon for your health? Cinnamon is one of the most effective spices for lowering blood sugar levels. That’s why it is a very popular ingredient in Paleo desserts. One metastudy on cinnamon involved looking at its blood sugar effects on Type 2 diabetics in eight clinical trials. The cinnamon – [...]

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The World’s Best Sugar Free Birthday Cake & Low Carb Ice Cream I’ve Found Yet!

So you’re on a keto diet and it’s your daughter’s birthday this weekend. Do you want to know if there’s such thing as a low carb ice cream or birthday cake? Isn’t there anything you can make for your family that will taste delicious that you, your children, and that you and your [...]