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Low Carb Keto Desserts By Kebbys

Kebby’s stands for Karen and Eric Berg – the dynamic duo who created this amazing sugar-free ice cream. We love creating delicious ketogenic, low carb, healthy meals together and we love, love, love dessert. So Karen and I have been working together to develop an entire line of sweet keto-friendly low carb desserts that our clients can enjoy relish while staying in full ketogenesis and fat burning mode. Our desserts use only organic ingredients, healthy sweeteners, and lots of high, healthy fat and moderate fatty protein to create supremely satisfying treats you and your whole family can enjoy! We just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much fun it has been designing these delicious and nutritious desserts for you. We wanted to let you know that Kebby’s Ice Cream is the first of many keto desserts and sugar-free treats that you can look forward to. We spent an entire year trying to create the PERFECT tasting ice cream for you to enjoy. Finally, we got it! We enjoyed the process and learned so much about how to create delicious tasting keto desserts without sugar that we cannot wait to create more. You can look forward to a whole line of new keto desserts in the coming months like cookies, brownies, mousses, and puddings all sugar-free and keto friendly.

Dr. Eric Berg

Eric Berg is a weight loss specialist and former chiropractor who specializes in ketogenic dieting and intermittent fasting as tools for weight loss and achieving the highest level of physical and mental health. After years of unhealthy eating, while only in his mid-20s, Dr. Berg was insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, and suffering from arthritis, inflammation, and chronic fatigue. Fed up with a carb and sugar-addicted lifestyle that he realized was causing all his problems—Dr. Berg reclaimed his health and reversed all his medical conditions with ketogenic eating and intermittent fasting. Today, with over 12 million followers and YouTube views, Dr. Berg is helping millions of people to lose weight without feeling deprived, to discover new realms of physical and mental energy, and to reclaim all aspects of their health.