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Low-Carb Desserts for Paleo & Keto Dieters

The essence of any paleo or keto dessert is low carb. Carbohydrates raise insulin and this keeps you from losing weight and being healthy. Our amazing low sugar and low carb recipes will allow you to stick to your keto or paleo plan long term.  You’ll be so satisfied and no longer have to deprive yourself as you completely enjoy your new weight loss program. In fact, by adding treats that boost satiety and keep you feeling full and satisfied the plan doesn’t feel like a ‘diet’ at all. This is why eating ketogenic is not a diet it’s a lifestyle you’ll love that leads to consistent, daily, weight loss and improved mental and physical health in every way. You’ll enjoy the sustained energy, improved cognition, and a new sense of ambition and joy in life.

Paleo & Keto Desserts

Can you have dessert with the keto or paleo diet? The answer is YES, YES, YES! You can take any dessert and convert it to keto or paleo. Together, my wife and I have designed keto versions of all our favorite desserts and they taste better than sugary ones!

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Low-Carb Sugar-Free Desserts

Dr. Berg offers you more than just your average desserts. He will show you how to do it simply and with the lowest sugar possible. On top of that, the taste will literally knock your socks off. He’s designed dozens of recipes for delicious low car sugar-free desserts.

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Low-Carb Sugar-Free Ice Cream

Is it possible to have a good tasting low carb and sugar-free Ice Cream that meets the standard of the Keto and Paleo diet? The goal is to keep your sugar below 2 grams per serving size. Typical ice cream that is not sugar-free is around 25 grams.

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Paleo & Keto Desserts for Low Carb Dieters

So why are low carb keto desserts an important part of the ketogenic diet? Because we all need rewards. We need something to look forward to and, as human beings, we are genetically programmed to love foods that taste sweet. Complete food withdrawal, strict dieting, and deprivation is a mistake and is more likely to lead to crashing and diet failure rather than long-term success.

When you’re on a diet or weight loss plan of any kind—the absolute worst thing you can do is give up all your favorite indulgences because this creates a feeling of deprivation. And deprivation is the enemy of weight loss in every way. Stress spikes all your fat storing hormones and creates un-budgeable weight loss plateaus.

In fact, in a recent study conducted by the University of Alabama, dieters who ate a dessert every day lost 40% more weight than those who did not eat any dessert at all!  In fact, if you’ve been thinking that eating keto means eating a bland diet of meats, oils, and bitter greens—think again! There are all kinds of sweet treats and keto desserts that keep the ketogenic diet exciting without throwing you out of ketosis. No one would stick with a bland diet for life, would they?  I certainly wouldn’t because I love food and I love to eat, just like you do!

In fact, I try to give myself a “treat” with every meal—so I’ve found paleo desserts that do not throw me out of ketosis and that gives me a reward to look forward to after a hard day of work and healthy eating!

Low Carb Dieters’ Desserts

For breakfast, I might have a peanut butter and dark chocolate fat bomb, while at dinner, it might be sugar-free desserts like low carb ice cream in vanilla or chocolate or keto desserts like low carb brownies, or my “best tasting cookies in the world!” In fact, treats like fat bombs and keto desserts actually help ensure your success at the keto diet and at intermittent fasting. Because keto and paleo desserts are packed with so much high healthy fat, satiating protein, and natural sweetness, they keep you full and happy for hours, allowing you to go longer without eating and to stick to your diet more successfully. For example, just one half-0cup of my delicious low carb ice cream, is packed with whey protein, potassium, that is very filling, helps satisfy nutrient deficiencies, and helps you power through a long fast, meaning you stay in fat burning, weight loss mode a long time. So, allow yourself sweet rewards and low carb desserts! Low carb treats will not throw you out of ketosis, as long as you tally your net carbs every day and keep them within your limits of 20 to 50 grams a day! If having a sweet fat bomb, sugar-free ice cream or any one of my keto desserts will keep you on track and out of fat storing stress mode, then, by all means, let yourself enjoy them! In fact, the reason I spent an entire year developing my sugar-free ice cream is that the research on how healthy indulgences and naturally sweet treats actually boost weight loss is highly convincing! Stress is the enemy of weight loss. So use sweet treats to create a keto lifestyle that you love living!